Crystal Curry was born in Greenville, IL in 1974. At an early age, she showed interest in many professions, such as marine biologist, President of the United States and commodities broker. One of them, though, “poet,” won out--as well as “cook.” After two early attempts at newspaper editing, both of which ended up with trips to the principal, she settled on journalism school for college and had a short and lovely career at her college newspaper, before embarking on a life of writing poems and teaching writing to others. Steadily progressing, Curry has, in the last several years, attended graduate school, held a full-time job, had a few regular dentist appointments, quit smoking, began to use a top sheet, remembered her parents’ birthdays a few years in a row and, most importantly, found the partner and place and family and the true love which is deep and red and electric. She now drinks a low-carb smoothie with superfood in it every morning and almost does yoga and the kids are fine and if you stop by, you might just smell the aroma of the latest soup project in the dutch oven. How long will it last? Hopefully a long time. However, Curry has 35-40 years left, universe willing, and many things can happen. Everything could change. Check back regularly for updates.